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I know what you're thinking...

Tebl OWNER posted Jul 30, 17

Yup. It's me again. Did you miss me? Who am I kidding; of course you did! 

To keep this short, simple and to the point, DiamCraft will be returning sometime soon (we have no official release date so far). We will be hoping to expand DiamCraft as a community once more by hoping to eventually offer a network of servers again and bring more back, such as: Survival, OP Factions, HCF, Prison, OP Prison (these are just layout ideas and not official or confirmed, but we do want to expand). 

Stay tuned to keep yourself updated regularly and be sure to let us know what you think on our platforms below!

Connect with us!
Join our website:
Join our Discord:
Follow us on Twitter: @DiamCraft

_Zombeh Lol Brady I joined on day 3. Don't call yourself "First one to join the server"
Ishadar pull up in a racecar slow mo
Fluffeh Ez Pz I'm still Dead

New Website

Wbjpen posted Jun 8, 16

This website now unavailable.Head over to the new one:

What Comes After

Wbjpen posted May 18, 16

What Comes After

windydevil I've been playing since gen 4 or 5 and I can't wait to play again!
Turd24 i have been playing since first genaration map 2 I cant belive its is happining
kkbman I can't lose money on minecraft like I lose money on csgo @WHAT ARE THOSE ;-;

DC Factions 5

Wbjpen posted May 11, 16

Time to get back to work.

After a 6 month hiatus, we're finally ready to re-open DC and let the good times roll.
DiamCraft has a rich and diverse history filled with countless maps, factions, and players.
Everyone has their own fond memories from the old days: friends and enemies;
battles and raids; hackers and aboose. All contribute to the good times at DiamCraft
and we can only hope we can create more memories with this reset.

This marks the 3rd generation for DiamCraft. Both Hunter and Thomas put everything they had into DC,
and I intend to do the same.

Now on to the good stuff.

May 21st 2016

3:00pm EST
12:00pm PST
7:00pm GMT


Minecraft Version: 1.7.10 (works with 1.7.2 - 1.8.9 clients)
World Size: 7000 x 7000 (square)
Nether World Size: 1000 x 1000
Lava Flow: 4x slower
Bedrock: Vanilla
Combat Tag: 30 seconds


We have everyone's ranks saved, but they'll need to be given out manually.
You can comment below your IGN and the rank you had before a head of time.

Some of the ranks have been renamed. Take a look:

VIP - $10
Sponsor - $25
Elite - $50
Titan - $100
Super - $150
Legend - $200
Hero - $275
God - $350

We have also reworked the donor perks to include a bit more.
You can check them out here, as well as the kits.

Notable New Perks:
/fb is working and here to stay.
/trails lets you run around with particle trails.
/balloon let's you derp with a balloon.


God Apples are slightly more common in an effort to bring back old-style Diam PVP.
The only difference is there is a cooldown of 5 minutes before you can eat another.

Because the server is 1.7.10, you can look forward to PVP mechanics at their finest.

There are 2 PVP arenas to choose from: the drop down at spawn which utilizes the bottom
of spawn as an arena, and contains many hidden traps, and caves (/warp pvp).
nd of course, the beloved lag-free Sky arena (/warp sky).


A returning feature you may remember from V1: the ability to challenge a player
(/duel <name>) anywhere on the server to a 1 vs 1. Apon accepting, the player's will be teleported
to the duelling arena and given a kit comprising of armor, a weapon, a bow,
potions, and food. A duel can be forfeitted at anytime with /duel forfeit.

Your inventory and location will be returned to you after the duel has finished.
Duel matches expire after 10 minutes. There are currently no consequences
for losing a duel.


FactionLand returns once again in all it's glory. Located just outside spawn or warps to with (/warp fl).
The arena is seperated by 2 roads that run in all cardinal directions splitting the terrain into 4 quarters.
Each quarter has its own theme: Forest, Taiga, Desert, Nether.

The claim limit has been reduced from 6 to 2 as the arena
is smaller then usual to allow closer combat.
Block restrictions have also been removed.

FactionLand will open on May 27th, 3pm est.


There are now 4 crates at spawn. From least to best: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omega.
Upon opening them, you will be greeted with an updated "slot machine" like animation
that will ultimately slow down and fall on your prize.

Keys can be gotten by either voting, received at an event, or bought at the DC Store.
There are also kits and items available at the store.


In an attempt to bring back the good ole House Plots, we have added a Plot World (/warp plots)
where you can buy a chunk of land for $100k and build whatever you want there.
Placing of valuable blocks and container blocks is disabled in the Plot World
to make sure no one can protect their good stuff from being raided.

Plots could also be used to build a Player Shop. You can put down buy/sell signs inside
your plot that link it's inventory to a chest that you'll have in the overworld.
This will be a fun distraction for player's that prefer the economic side of Factions.

The Plot World will open on May 31st, 3pm est.


Mob Arena (/ma join) and Cake Clicker (/cc) have been added to provide
some things to do when you're not raiding.

SacredEnchants, LMS, PVPStats plugins have been removed.

The Spread enchantment (mine in a 3x3) can be bought on the webstore,
or received from a crate.

Mining natural blocks has a small chance of dropping crate keys.

Nicknames have been temporarily disabled.

There will be a 35% sale on ranks on release day.


Owner: Wbjpen
Admins: nerdia
Staff Manager: nerdia
Developers: Wbjpen
Moderators: fundudes33, Tambo

Helpers: Crushing, iiFluffeh, PeacefulMemories, Tebl, xHotPixels

T-Helpers: none

Helper applications will open soon. We will also be looking for Helpers that
will take on additional responsibilities like managing events.





PVP Arena



Plot Worlds


Mob Arena

Tonyzoo1234 Username: Tonyzoo1234 Rank: Legend
Coolcytron My old username was Coolcytron and I was a legend or god my rank was $250 that's all I remember
werdna567 Werdna567: Legend


Wbjpen posted Apr 21, 16

UPDATE: directs to the website again! We're back on. I'm gonna work on the server more and get back to you guys once I can assess everything and get a release date for you all.

Hello everyone,

As you all know, the domain has been unlinked and no longer redirects to this enjin website.
Right now, I am unable to relink the domain for reasons I'm not going to say. I have tried to fix the issue but it's going to take some time. I'm looking at the hit counter and I see that a decent number of you guys were smart enough to access the website by it's enjin URL (

I am hoping everyone that reads this is still interested in a DC reset, and will spread this message by linking to friends that might be interested. Tell anyone you can that they can access the website with the URL above and to keep checking back for updates.

I will get DC up again, even if it has to go up under a new domain. And to show you I mean business, he's some pictures of the spawn.

The server is about 70% done. Certain things have to be fleshed out and created.

Stamp_Derp Wbjpen is nuber one
Crushing Ayeee lets get it XD XD XD
SunkenIce hoping for a surprise &quot;Release date is tomorrow&quot; post
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